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If you're writing a vampire book, or creating a vampire show, or working up a vampire movie... please stop! The world doesn't need more!

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9/9/09 is not cool, so stop trying to force it... 9/9/99 would be cool, or 99/99/99, or 0/0/00, or 00/00/00, or 23/23/23, or 88/88/88, or...

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I take that back, there's no cool, or interesting, or "spooky" dates... Except maybe 13/13/13... Now that day would be intense!about

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Especially if it was friday the 13/13/13...

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And you saw a black cat with 13 toes standing under a ladder touching blue in order to make it true....... I think I've lost it...

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Nope... That's forced... Nobody writes, or says, today is the oh-ninth of the oh-ninth RT @Numbrocker02:What about 09/09/09. That's coolish.

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I take it all back. 09/09/09 is awesome. I can't wait until the mathematical stars align again in a hundred years. Saddened today must end

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= =...可是数字的象征难道就不迷信么||||||||

恭喜自己这次在仅两小时后追看到super weird PHIPHI的twitter。可以估计到我大概木有搭上9/9/09的末班车。

我果然是上学上寂寞了- -。。。

黑蝴蝶!!!!!! 西西的黑蝴蝶快出来啊!!!!!!

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= =小A,地球存在99/99/99么。。。。公主说的是火星年历吧
pingu | 2009.09.11 16:36 | edit
>大婶 = =。。。。 我们火星可么有13/13/13
Aa | 2009.09.11 19:16 | edit